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The answer is ALL and ANY country around the globe! You could be an Indian resident, an NRI, or a foreign national – we will process your travel documents for any Visa Application. It also does not matter which country or countries you are travelling to. Our service is available to all. We work as per International and Schengen requirements and try our best to incorporate your airline, hotel and insurance preferences.

You can hire our visa processing services any time of the year. We provide flight bookings, hotel reservations and insurance packages for all seasons and all reasons!

Yes, absolutely! There is no limit to the number of flight and hotel bookings you want us to take up. If you are planning several individual or group trips in the near future, we will cater to those bookings simultaneously as well. Our packages include a maximum number of hotels. If you want to add to that list, please note that there will be a nominal charge per hotel booking. Our only request is that we need a complete round trip to work with, which will be treated as separate orders.

It is perfectly fine with us if you want to change your travel plans after receiving your travel itinerary. It is also possible that you might have inadvertently shared the wrong travel dates or cancelled a particular location from your trip entirely. We take complete care of ticket / booking cancellations and request you to pay only the service fee in case of re-bookings. The revised itinerary will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours. For speedier revisions of 12 hours or less, we do charge a nominal fee. Please call us at +1-516-835-7843 to know the latest applicable charges.

We provide refunds only for those services which fall within our scope of work. If you are denied a visa due to errors we are responsible for, we guarantee you a full refund. However, we cannot take responsibility for visa rejections arising due to circumstances beyond our control or scope of work. We will need your Letter of Rejection duly authorized by the Embassy Official, along with any other rejection documents you might have. These will help us process your request for Refund successfully. For Insurance cancellations, you will need to approach us before the start date of the insurance package. Insurance Refunds will attract service charges and cancellation fee as stated in the policy.

Yes, the more the merrier, and the greater discounts and incentives you receive from us! Our group discount offers are unbeatable and one of the best in the market.

We start processing your travel information as soon as we receive your payment. Again, depending upon the pricing plan you choose, we can transfer the documents to you within 1, 6 or a maximum of 24 hours. We have an extensive team of Schengen Travel Agents with multiple years of domain expertise who support our customers’ requirements 24 x 7.

We believe in maintaining transparent relations with our customers. That is why we give you all the airline and hotel booking details as soon as they are finalized. You can verify these details directly to ensure that we have indeed given you the best deal. Simply visit the applicable airline and hotel website, and enter your reservation code and name. You will be able to view your booking details immediately. Alternatively, you can also call the hotel or airline and request for your booking details first-hand.

The validity of your flight and hotel bookings as well as insurance plan can vary from one service provider to another. However, the typical duration is 2 weeks. But there are chances of airlines cancelling certain itineraries if a particular flight is over-booked. Same is the case for hotels as well. However, there is no cause for alarm. Being in this business, we can easily re-book your flight or hotel room(s) immediately, if such a situation rises.

Yes, absolutely! You can contact our team of Schengen Travel Agents with your requirements and they will be quite happy to address your itinerary requirements on an as-per-demand basis. All we need is your complete support in providing us with the details we seek. We can provide you with a confirmed flight and hotel booking in as less as 1 hour!